About Us

Whodoo has one simple mission: to provide a scalable answer to the question "who do you recommend?"

Why? Because we've been asked this question hundreds of times, and we know that the referrals we've made have had some noteworthy impacts.

Whodoo is our platform for allowing extraordinary resources to ask and answer that question so extraordinary things can happen in our professional lives.


Whodoo was founded by a network of personally referred connections. The relationships described below served as the inspiration for Whodoo.

Chris Albro CEO (profile)

Chris' core competency is delivering complex (technically and commercially) projects with small teams of exceptionally skilled resources. Chris worked for Jason (see below) after Jason asked a mutual connection "Who do you recommend to manage a large, complex project?" Chris tweets: @albrochris.

Jason Hanson COO (profile)

Jason's competency is building and operating teams to execute critical strategic and operational missions. Jason and Chris met through a recommendation and have leveraged recommendations from each of their professional networks for years.

Dave Broudy CTO (profile)

Dave's core competency is being a general technical bad ass (can we say "badass" on a corporate website?) by getting things done in half the time with double the quality. Chris met Dave via a recommendation more than a decade ago; Dave was phone call number one when Whodoo started.

Whodoo Basics


Whodoos are referrals. You can refer people to people on Whodoo. You can also refer Opportunities to connections of yours (if you think they are a good fit). And lastly, you can refer good resources to the owners of Opportunities.


Opportunities are like jobs. Except they don't have to be full time, permanent employee type jobs. They can be small contracting gigs or regular FTE type jobs. An Opportunity is any work activity for which you need a highly skilled resource.


Your contacts are your trusted connections. These are the people you'd refer to someone in need.


This is you. It's a simple, concise professional summary. Pretty useful in the event a connection of yours refers you for that dream job...

Contact Us

Whodoo would love to hear from you.

If you have an issue or question, please contact us at help@whodoo.com.

For general inquiries and contact, please drop us a note at info@whodoo.com or direct message Chris on Twitter: @albrochris.

If you're more of a phone person, give us a ring:

(406) 599-5300

And, for the ultimate old-school contact experience, dig up that old book of stamps you've got tucked in the kitchen drawer and send a note to:

PO Box 11345
Bozeman, MT 59719